- 1884 -85 Baines WG Grace HoF All-Time-Great rookie Babe Ruth of Cricket OFFERS - SOLD



*** This card is no longer available***

See supporting photos for provenance. OFFERS PLEASE. Priced at £15,000 which I think is a great price seeing much easier Senna rookies by Panini make $17,000 and Pele and Babe Ruth rookies are over $1million. However, I am open to offers but none lower than £15,000, thanks. Aiming for more - save 20% by paying cash - you would save 3k that's enough for an air fare from USA and a vacation in Europe. Or send cash in a secure package. 

This is one of the earliest Baines cards. This man, W G Grace, is the Babe Ruth of cricket! This is a quasi rookie, not quite the 1st but definitely the 2nd Grace card ever made! One of the rarest-of-all Baines cards, an early-1880s card from around 1884 and 1885, probably issued in 1885, celebrating the cricket-legend-in-his-own-lifetime! Only 1 earlier card of Grace is known, the mythical "Glos CCC" card (seen elsewhere on this website and in my 2nd book - see the inside front-cover flap). This Union Jack flag card is the 2nd oldest Grace card known (different, slightly later back from the earlier Glos Grace card).

Only 3 examples of this card are known worldwide! The others: one is in similar condition and the other is in worse condition. So, this is the best condition of the three Union Jack cards known. Buyers please be aware that this exceptionally rare card is mostly sound but am upper and a lower point are off, missing. Light faults indeed for a 140-year old card and they are surely acceptable. SOLD AS SEEN must be a great investment, no offers below £15,000.