-- 1930 1st World Cup original match ticket counterfoil from the Olimpica stand turnstiles Uruguay



From Uruguay 1930 a 1st-ever World Cup match ticket counterfoil collected upon entry through the Olimpica stand turnstiles. SOLD AS SEEN.

Original not a copy. This has proper perforations and the black "No." is without serifs (forgeries have a "No" with serifs and wider perforations made on sewing machines)

Original, used counterfoil. Beware of complete tickets, or larger-parts of the combined ticket, with ink stamps all over them. The ink stamps are meant to make the forged tickets look more 'travelled'.

Question: how many people would not have used their ticket to a World Cup match? Originals tend to be just counterfoils, like this, or the larger ticket parts kept by spectators, not entire 2-part tickets - never! So, the larger part of the ticket was kept by the supporter while this, smaller counterfoil part was taken by the man on the entrance gate.

After the match these counterfoils were destroyed. That's why it's so rare to find one BECAUSE they were NOT kept by spectators. The attendees at the match kept only the larger part of the ticket, the part with the map of the stadium.

This counterfoil is from the Olimpica Tribuna which was 1 of the 4 stands. It was the grandest, at the goal end to the north of the stadium.