- 1910 Baines 2 rookie card & proof SPORTS LEGEND Paolo Radmilovic x4 OLYMPIC GOLDS x5 OG Unique HOF



What a history this man has! The rookie card and its proof card are from 1910, issued by Baines. The man himself is a SPORTS LEGEND like few others! Paolo Radmilovic won 4 OLYMPIC GOLDS at 5 different Olympic Games over 20 years! A Unique Hall of Famer, all-time great water sports champion from Serbia, with Irish roots, who represented Great Britain and Wales. SOLD AS SEEN pair of cards: a finished card and a proof, test design, with damage, SOLD AS SEEN, the finish card is a beauty but it has a crease at the edge (near the red-suited swimmer image) and the proof has a part of the card missing. Nevertheless, rookie cards of such a sporting legend are rare and here you get the rookie AND the design proof! Price is for both cards: you get the 2 cards for this price