- 1910s Gentilini Biscuits CREMONA goalie the earliest Italian football card? Art Nouveau IN MY BOOK



From circa 1910s -1920 by Gentilini Biscuits, a soccer card for the club CREMONESE, the team from the city of Cremona. This is one of the earliest Italian football cards - maybe the very first ever series of soccer cards issued in Italy. This card is featured IN MY BOOKS. The designs on the front and the back are typical of Art Nouveau, a style which died around the time of World War One, being superseded by Art Deco which became the rage in the 1920s. Also notable is the logo of the firm Gentlini. The company's logo, in the 1920s was well known, it was in the style of a steam train made of biscuits. This card features the earlier logo, typical of the decade before,1910-1920, which would make it the earliest known Italian soccer trade card! SOLD AS SEEN