* 1922 Billy Meredith Max Woosnam Man City Pattreiouex F200 +F240 rare variety label type!



As with the other variety card of Man City & Meredith, from this series of deluxe limited edition cards, this has risen to around £500 in value. Why? Well, all of the cards from this deluxe series are rare but the Manchester City cards are doubly so, even triply rare! But why? Well, in 1922, this series of cards was only issued in expensive, deluxe, large-size confections of cigarettes which were not affordable by most smokers. Then, there were two variations of the Man City card! The soccer legends Billy Meredith and Max Woosnam, the greatest British sportsman ever & team captain, are seen together on this particular Manchester City lineup but Max features not on the other card! Further, this is the Pattreiouex card numbered F200, to the front, with an "F240" numbered label on the back - as issued and corrected by the issuer. See my other City Meredith card for the other version. Sold as seen