* 1926 FENOGLIO Bartolomeo Costantini Bugatti F1 WINNER Targa Flrio & Air Ace ROOKIE CARD



1926 Fenoglio trade card of Meo Costantini,for Bugatti - his ROOKIE CARD - the man who'd started racing cars in 1914 with the ancient Aquila  Italiana team! He was a x2 WINNER of the Targa Florio race 1925 & 1926 AND a multiple Grand Prix winning racing driver in 1926 (GP Spain, GP Italy, etc) as well as being an Air Ace too!. Aviation hero Costantini won half a dozen air race trophies between 1917-1918 and war decorations for bravery in the air. The card is amazingly good fr its age, a corner knock otherwise VG!

For more on this legend, see: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartolomeo_Costantini