- 1930 GOLDEN BOOT Carlo Reguzzoni ROOKIE, Grasso weight card used in 1934 BUT issued years earlier



The Italian league's top scorer in 1934, on a card issued around 1930-31, Carlo Reguzzoni. This may be his ROOKIE CARD! It's a thick cardstock, quality card by Grasso, a weighing machines company which printed weight cards, like this, to be used in their public machines. This was 'used' in 1934 but was issued by Grasso some years earlier. These cards typically came out during 1930-31. Then, they were stored in machines for many months, at the very least, and typically for a year or more, before enough people had weighed themselves to get through the stockpile of blank cards loaded into the machine's cartridge. So, this card was issued, i.e. it was dispensed when someone used the scales, in 1934 but it was probably loaded into the machine a year or more earlier and it was printed and issued by Grasso a year or two before that! SOLD AS SEEN some pencil to the front, a corner knock/twist at the top but a generally clean and exceedingly rare card! SOLD AS SEEN