- 1958 Jimmy Greaves ROOKIE Colinville Footer Foto Gum British International Football Stars CHELSEA



Low price due to badly damaged back (AMR) with heavy glue and scars, so only £400 for this rookie card of the legend, issued in fall 1958 by Colinville Gum for the "Footer Foto Bubble Gum British International Football Stars" Greaves played for England, Spurs, Chelsea, Milan and West Ham. Jimmy Greaves HOF ALL TIME GREAT rookie card. Front is excellent but back is poor thus this card will grade low, like a 1 or 1.5 but it's a chance to get a bargain! Don't miss it! The only one at this low price. When it's gone, no more bargains just the cleaner costlier one, my last - see it now on the Jimmy Greaves page, near this.