- 1966 Pele Xuereb Malta-issue World Cup like A&BC Gum 2 types sunburst / plain SEE ALL PIX!



See the supporting picture of a 1966 scrapbook, with some of these stuck inside.These have sold for over £500 each so the price is realistic.

this pair of extremely rare so-called' pirate A&BC Gum issues dates from summer 1966, as issued by Xuereb in Malta. These Malta-only issues were released based on A&BC World Cup stamps issued in GB. They are far far rarer than the similar A&BC issues. There were 2 types:  one has a 'sunburst' and the other a plain background. The primitive printing is redolent of unofficial back-room lithography in the freer-times known as the 1960's, before multinationals had lawyers chasing bootleg printers out of town the world buzzed and hummed with illcit vinyl and carefully recrafted cards, such as these.

The price is fixed but if a buyer can pay off site to me by "friends & family" I can accept a 12% reduction in price and they still go fully insured, registered tracked. SOLD AS SEEN, buyer gets the pair - and make sure you see the supporting photo in my first book, of one of these used on a postcard from Malta in 1966! It has the Eusebio.