* 1909 Colin Veitch Newcastle United Baines cards! A pair of hand cut proofs 2 test cards, originals



Newcastle United Colin Veitch, x 2 DIE-CUT ORIGINAL PROOFS / COLOUR TEST CARDS - you get the 2! Both are ORIGINALS. These are very rare items created during the process of manufacturing a fully-coloured card. These stayed in an archive of old images for over 100 years before they found their way to the light of day.

Dating from 1909, Colin Veitch Newcastle United hand-cut proofs, NOT cut by me! These were cut form a complete sheet by someone else. I would have kept the sheet uncut and intact but I had no part in the deal, neither in the purchase nor in the cutting up of said sheet.

The proofs were cut by a pair of cards sellers in 2022, from original sheets printed by Baines 112 years earlier.. They'd been lucky enough to inherit uncut sheets of Baines cards so they... cut up the sheets! Argh!!! For me, to cut up priceless original uncut sheets just to sell cut singles is anathema but they were free to do it. It's not a crime. Their cut proofs are still originals, designed thus, to be cut... they were finally cut after 112 years - see the picture of the uncut sheets these came from. The sheets no longer exit, of course

So, you get 2 proof Baines cards, an exceptionally rare chance to get such things.

The proofs are described as hand-cut because though cut with a newly made die, they were cut in 2022 not by Baines, of course, but by cards collectors who kept some for their own collections and sold the others.

Of course this is acceptable, if not everyone's means of dealing with priceless antiques what's done is done. At least many other collectors may benefit.

Pope and catholics aside, are these original Baines cards? Of course they are!

It's a priceless chance to get 2 otherwise impossible cards together.

So, you get 2 cards: the artist's "line drawing 'pass" (one of 4 passes needed to make this lithography into a printed card of line + 3 colours), and a "red-pass" test print too - see the back! Both proofs are  non-Ltd types, so they are not from J Baines Ltd, rather from J Baines.

Sold as seen, buyer gets 2 cards (see my other sales to see the coloured card of Veitch - yes, you can acquire a finished card, elsewhere on this website BUT THESE PROOFS are far rarer!