* 1920 STAR ITEM Caramelo Futbol Monjardin Acedo Pena ZAMORA Meana Carmelo UNCUT SHEET ROOKIE CARDS



The reason this early selection of soccer stars is a *STAR ITEM* is not merely for its uncut nature. This uncut Caramelo Futbol sheet of cards includes no less than 6 rookie cards, and no less then 6 Spanish GREATS! In the football magazine, FUT-BOL, a poll put Pena ahead of Samitier! Close behind were Meana & Acedo, also starring in the top list was the young Monjardin. Of course this sheet of stars also has a very early Ricardo Zamora!  A veritable UNCUT SHEET of ROOKIE CARDS

1920 *STAR ITEM* Caramelo Futbol Ricardo Zamora & other Spanish footballers on an UNCUT sheet, THE rookie of Zamora? This seller has not seen provably earlier Zamoras. These cards were issued in 1920 according to the Spanish experts on antique Spanish soccer cards (Moro & Garcia) and this is 1 of 2 uncut sheets known, different to eachother one has nubers, this one does not. Its twin sheet of 6 with Josep Samitier & Alcantara (sold $5000)