* 1924 A&N Kitty McKane Godfree rookie card tennis legend 5x OG par Venus Williams BEAT Wills Moody



1924 A&N Paris, French Olympic Games card of Kitty McKane Godfree, an absolute all-time-great legend esp. in GB/UK tennis, this is without doubt her rookie card, the English tennis legend won 5 Olympic Games medals, which puts her on par for medals with Venus Williams, and she beat Helen Wills Moody to win Wimbledon - one of her two singles wins there; many time finalist in singles and doubles at US Open, Paris & All England, this card is a centrepiece rarity! CONDITION: there are some marks to the front & the back, no glue but some emulsion lines are seen against the light to the front AND some very faint light short-length creases below the title & name, very faint indents at the end of the title & name ... but most marks are mostly visible when the light crosses the card, less so head on. Some would argue this is still a "very good" card. Sold with the aforementioned light but various & varying faults.