* 1927 Austria v USSR postcard 3 rookie card Matthias Sindelar AND 2 Starostin Bros - see supp photo



Three legends on one very rare card! You get 3-for-! From July 1927, an "unofficial" match played between Austria and the budding USSR / CCCP. This postcard shows a young Matthias Sindelar AND both Andrey & Alexander Starostin - there they are standing right behind the Austrian; a pair of the four Soviet footballing brothers Starostn, two of the most highly decorated stars of USSR football, Andrey becoming coach of the USSR national team in the 1960's; both having won so many soccer awards in the 1930's: Andrey, for example, was the 1935, 1936, 1938 & 1939 Champion player.

SEE ALL PHOTOS. Supporting images show a 1926 Greiling card of the Soviet team -unofficial in the day, the Soviet Union being unfounded in 1926, a team of players gathered under the Bolshevik flag and THRASHED teams in the west, such as Stuttgard whom they beat 9-1! 

This card features all 3 legendary players. Unofficial match due to the Soviet Russia team not being in FIFAin 1927, so Austria had to play unofficially too hence the records of this match are not easy to find. "Workers" is how they got round it, by calling themselves "amateurs" or "workers" but we know Andrey & Alexander Starostin played yet few remember that regular Austria greats also played in this game. The photo shows a young Sindelar in front of the Starostin brothers. 

Immensely rare item. Rookie card for both of these all-time greats, let alone the other players seen. 

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