* 1931 Gino Colaussi rookie card & Rocco Nereo Triestina Imperia Caramelle concertina SEE ALL PIX!



1931 Gino Colaussi rookie card & Rocco Nereo, two all-times legends of soccer, together with the 1930-31 Triestina  squad, a fold-out cards concertina, often cut to singles this is complete, issued by Imperia Caramelle / Dea. 11 players, league tables, international results - until February 1931 - fixtures, football terminology and adverts for Imperia confectionery, Milan, printed by Dea. Sold as a complete item with some wear and tear but the crucial Rocco and Colaussi cards are clean, very rare to find these intact, just a some spine wear to the centre fold, as seen, a little handling. Sold as seen with light wear but clean cards, ideal to cut to singles.