* 1939 Babe Ruth (NOT 1942!) 1st edition #12 "una peseta" version Bruguera baseball HOF + album!

* 1939 Babe Ruth (NOT 1942!) 1st edition #12
* 1939 Babe Ruth (NOT 1942!) 1st edition #12
* 1939 Babe Ruth (NOT 1942!) 1st edition #12
* 1939 Babe Ruth (NOT 1942!) 1st edition #12
* 1939 Babe Ruth (NOT 1942!) 1st edition #12


You get the album also... read on why this is so important.

Only 20 of these cards are known, recorded, but most of those are the later 1941 (graded as 1942) editions.

This card is from the first edition album, provable by the album it came with, which comes to the buyer with the card. Read on...  AND SEE THE SUPPORTING IMAGES here: both album types shown.

Babe Ruth #12 Spanish rare edition card from 1939 (not 1942 as many times wrongly graded) was first issued for the monotone paper-cover albums with the "una peseta" legend, NOT the later colour-cover album with the lower issue number.

Made by Bruguera - in 1939. The Spanish experts agree [see page 53 of Moro & Garcia's 2nd edition book]. In 1941 it was reissued with the coloured cover, album segundo, where Babe Ruth was included again but along with different stickers alongside, a different collection, showing world war 2 and Disney - a very different collection to the earliest series which had costumes and comedians.

So, this card was issued in the 1939 collection, not the later 1941 series. In the 1939 album there are no war cards, no nazi flags, no Mickey Mouse and no Popeye cards. They came later, with the reissue Babe Ruth in 1941.

This 1939 collection, came with national costumes, wildlife creatures and movie comics such as the Marx Bros., Buster Keaton, the Marx Bros and Stan and Ollie - and certainly no images of World War 2 as are to be found in the later editions. That's why none of the inscriptions in the album contain information dating to later than the 1930's!

Sold as seen, NO creases, NO rips or tears, generally good+, some light waviness in the paper and some faint foxing and mild spots of staining, as seen, Album is also Good+, clean, empty. SOLD AS SEEN. The album contains the page place for Babe Ruth - with biography

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