* 1959 DE JONGE Martin Peters rookie card England schoolboys BRD WC66 Final goal scorer See ALL PIX!



See supporting photos, newspaper article & press photo relating to this match, this card: this player MARTIN PETERS, here for England schoolboys, a player from Dagenham FC, before he signed for West Ham United.

The World Cup Final 1966 2nd England goalscorer (at 2-1) is seen here, on a 1959 gum card from West Germany, made by DE JONGE - this is from a very rare series! MUCH RARER than Heinerle or WS Verlag.

At the centre of the card is very young Martin Peters! This is his absolute rookie card. He's playing for England schoolboys v BRD schoolboys, on April 25th 1959. England won (newspaper articles said it was due to Martin Peters - see supporting picture)

Martin Peters would find international fame in the WC66 Final when he scored the 2-1 goal to take England ahead of West Germany. Pin hole otherwise generally VG quality, glossy card - like Bremer Fahring 1958 cards.

Incredibly rare item! Sold as seen with some handling and a pin hole. There are very few of these out there. This may be the only one on the market.