* 1961 Pelé Stella cards x 2 + D.Santos Garrincha in packets + toy coins rusty staples intact 4



4 packets! From 1961 Pelé Stella cards x2, different versions, a yellow borders Pele and a white borders Pele  + Djalma Santos & Garrincha, both white borders,  all 4 still in packets + toy coins, rusty staples intact, last examples I have. I once had another, higher grade example, but sold it, These are the final examples. One Pele feels a little distorted but the other one feels straight and firm, sharp even. Due to time spent in these packets one should not expect mint cards but these feel good. Sold as seen. Buyer's chance if he opens them. They won't reseal after all these years the rusty staples will surely break but that's the buyer's choice.