* 1970 Baggioli Caccia al Campione opened packet with fresh Gerd Muller + 2 cards MINT



You know what the highest grade card will sell for once slabbed so don't tell me this is a high price! It's a fraction of what a high grade slab will get.

I recently opened a packet of Baggioli cards from 1970 and I found this Gerd Mueller in mint condition 1970 Baggioli series titled "Caccia al Campione". The freshly opened packet comes with the soccer star card.

After 53 years sealed, to discover a MINT Gerd Muller + 2 other mint cards, newly opened, as new as the day they were made in 1970 lucky find - a superbe Gerd Mueller. I have other packets still sealed, see my other listings for those. Retaining packets sealed is best for optimum value because opening them you risk finding only non-famous player cards, though there is a chance you'll unearth Pele, Mueller or Beckenbauer of course. Sold as seen