* 1974 Keisa Niki Lauda 126 FRESH from/with packet at least EX!



FRESH fromthis very packet, opened in May 2023. Therein he lay! Buyer gets packet and the other cards, originals from 1974, with this quasi rookie card of Niki Lauda.IMPORTANT NOTE: clean sharp corners, back etc - black fleck on back is in the cardstock - but for some reason there is a mark top front right corner, which must have been caused at the packing stage of this card's mint journey. On 21st May 2023 I opened it and this is how it appeared, in the kid gloves handling it. I suppose it's a machine mark but I do not know. The card came out of the wrapper just like this. It was turned inwards, as were the other cards, 2 cards against 2 cards, fronts towards each other, backs to the outside. It's a mystery but this remains, perhaps, the cleanest example known of this card. Sold as seen -  with this miniature fleck - surely it must get an excellent grade, some would go to near-mint. Technically it is mint as this is exactly how it came but I know ... the rest. So, you look and you decide. When it's paid for it's only one way.