* 1995 David Beckham 1st rookie card Broad's Braves John Allen + 1 proof - OFFERS | See extra pix!!



See extra pix too, ink-test proofs of early test printings of this card (not included in this sale) made with ink rollers on John Allen's home litho press, 1995!


The price is turned off to block buys we have not approved. All serious offers will be considered, in time.

1995 1st-ever card of David Beckham from the "Broad's Braves" series made by Preston North End local & lifelong fan Mr. Tom Broad, with John Allen the 1980's and 1990's cards maker. The card is of a 25-only limited edition and the buyer gets the 1 test proof as well as the finished card. The buyer will come to own an historic double! 

So, the card was made and advertised in Spring 1995, and the proof sometime earlier, as part of a series of cards, by Tom Broad with John Allen.

Tom, RIP, from Preston, was a well-known cards seller, and a pal of mine, from whom I bought cards as far back as the early 1990's. Tom was the first only-soccer-cards seller! In 1998 I bought his entire collection after a brittle-bone illness forced Tom to stay at home. He died soon after that.

John, RIP, was my old friend, with whom I traded bespoke sports cards in the early 1990's. We went on to do market and car-boot stalls together before setting up John Allen Football Collectibles (JAFC) which preceeded Football Card Collector Magazine (FCCM). John Allen made many a card - see entries on him and his cards in my books - and all of his issues were limited, privately-printed editions. John also died 2 decades ago and his cards were dispersed, many being sold by a well-known cards trader on ebay - not me.

Between John and Tom we have these 2 exceptionally rare items: 1 actual card, finished and sold as part of a series of cards called "Broad's Braves" and 1 proof back. 25 sets were made but typically fewer than half would have been sold, the others going as gifts to club officials, to close friends and fans of Preston, and a handful were kept by us.

My own "Broad's Braves" cards were swapped some years ago. Tom's very own set of cards (set #1) may have been sold by me, after acquiring his stock, 25 years ago but I do not remember.

Both items belonged to John Allen. He was fascinated by cards numbered #3, and all limited edition "3" cards which he made stayed with him. 

The numbers and codes on the card are no longer understood, not be me nor by the family. No doubt they mean something to people who know more about Beckham and Preston North End.

The card is closed in a plastic finish which John Allen created and applied, and then sealed with an embossing press bearing his name. The card is 2-sided, there is an image and signed numbering to the rear. The proof has a plain back. It is also closed in sealed plastic, embossed with the "John Allen FC" marque.

The embossing seal of John Allen was applied to all limited edition cards he made. An ebay sale, circa 2014, saw John Fitzhugh of Fosse Cards in Blaby, Leicestershire, buy a complete sheet of John Allen proofs, a unique item, with all 4 sides similarly sealed with the JOHN ALLEN F.C. 3-D mark.  I believe John Fitzhugh still has the sheet.

Remember: the back of the actual finished card has never been seen by anyone other than myself and the Allens, and originally Tom Broad. I have not shown it to ensure a 'no copy' safety. No copy can be made when no one knows what the finished back looks like. The image of the back seen in my 2nd book was taken from the proof back seen here.

These items come from John's wife. It took many years to coax these items into sale. They are still owned by her family. The buyer will be the person making the highest offer.

We are in no rush. Best offer will win when we decide the time is right to call an end to this sale.

Please, serious offers only

Thanks from Mrs. J Allen, her family and from me