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From the season he spent at Darlington CFC, 1895-1896, this is the Arthur Wharton rookie card, the earliest of all Baines & Brigg Arthur Wharton cards. Later fans and other shaped-cards are just as rare but this is te very earliest, the first, the undisputed best.

Arthur Wharton, the legend himself, the first soccer player on a card -and the first black soccer player on a card. The legend of whom the Cass book, "The First Black Footballer, Arthur Wharton 1865-1930", was dedicated, and written for, by Phil Vasili.

Not just a great footballer he was fast! He held the world sprint record, and was champion at the time this card was made. 

The mythic Darlington Cricket & Football Club goalie - and an outfield player of extraordinary speed and style - and, perchance, the prospective England goalie. When he played with the Preston Invincibles he played in the best team in the land, so it was an injustice that he was kept out of the England side by dint of the colour of his skin.

A Rotherham Town legend, too, on and off the field.

This is the first, the earliest Baines card of Wharton. A Brigg card was made in the style of this, soon afterwards, but the Brigg image lacks definition and is obviously a copy taken from this card.

A fan-shape card is also known, a very beautiful 2nd edition to this. The fan cards came out a little later than than these classic shields.

SHOWN FOR PLEASURE. This is in the collection of the author, the site owner and it's not for sale being, to him, the most valuable soccer card in the world