0- 1887 W G Grace early WN Sharpe /other Victorian trade card, BABE RUTH of cricket OFFERS PLEASE




OFFERS PLEASE. Aiming very high but I will consider all offers.

The 3rd oldest Grace card ever! Fact. Only 1 of these is known in the world! The 3rd oldest WG Grace card, only the two Baines Grace cards predate this! The England legend is seen here for his county team, Gloucester ("Played Gloster!" was a common cry of its supporters) This is from a series issued between 1886-88, so it's dated 1887 here. One of very few known Grace 1880s cards this one is at least as rare as and maybe RARER than the Baines cards. It's either an early 'W.N. Sharpe of Bradford' card or it's another make of Victorian trade card, by a Baines competitor. This card is IMMENSELY RARE only 1 has ever been seen - this one! No other examples of this card are known. Dr. W. G. Grace was the BABE RUTH of cricket. The card is clean, sold as seen, it is free of creases, no major faults, hardly minor ones just some very light handling, slight undulation in the card - very good generally SOLD AS SEEN