0- 1878 1st ever cricket card? Dated 1878 card by Huntley & Palmers, earliest cricketer on a card?



This 1878-dated cricket card by Huntley & Palmers may be the earliest-ever cricketer card! 

The date on the card clearly shows 1878, however it may be that the card was issued in the early 1880's while boasting of an earlier prize win, in 1878. It is not sure but the card IS either late 1870's or early 1880's, issued just as John Baines was printing his first cards of W.G. Grace. 

SOLD AS SEEN with a small crease in one of the golden framed sides, otherwise very clean. rare to find these Huntley & Palmer cards with undamaged golden borders. This is the only 1 example of the cricketer ever owned by this seller.SOLD AS SEEN