0- 1920 's Bordino 3 ROOKIE cards INDIE 500 and F1 racer, GP winner, "the finest racer in the world"



1920 's Pietro Bordino x3 cards, all of them are essentialy ROOKIE cards, being from the mid- to mid/late-1920's.  Bordino was killed while racing in 1928.

He had raced at the 1925 INDIE 500 and was a well-known F1 winner, with many victories, described as "the finest racer in the world" by the holder of land and water spèeed records, Sir Henry Segrave. 

You get 3 cards, some faults - as seen. Amongst these 3 cards is at least 1, maybe 2 rookie cards. They have been dated by other cards in these series to the years 1927 through 1929.

SOLD AS SEEN including an immensely rare Caffarel Prochet card!