0_ 1948 Valentino Mazzola Nannina complete sheet intact Torino team as issued RED VERSION !



1948 Valentino Mazzola and Ezio Loik and the Torino team on a "1948-49" Nannina complete sheet , some faults but essentially intact, uncut team as issued - and this is the RED VERSION ! There was also a black matrix version, see elsewhere on this site. Faults: foxing (brown) age spots to the rear, a fold down the centre does NOT affect the Mazzola card (it's an old fold, almost cmoothed out with time, between the columns of cards in the centre, i.e. between Loik and Giuglielo) SOLD AS SEEN with flaws as described but Mazzola is clean and would cut to the perfect margins but would be a lot better left intact, like this. SOLD AS SEEN