0- 1958 Soiree Bobby Charlton Man Utd THE EARLIEST & RAREST ROOKIE CARD! Packet issue, Mauritius!



1958 summer-autumn issue Soiree Cigarettes (Mauritius) Famous Footballers Bobby Charlton card - THE RAREST and earliest rookie card for Charlton. Cut AS INTENTED - this was meant to be cut and collected form boxes of cigarettes. Soiree cards are some of the rarest football cards in the world. Don't compare with prices for other cards, please. The Greaves and the Charlton are the rarest, by far, and the most valuable - by far! 

NOTE: some wags have suggested that these cards were not meant to be cut. In that case neither were BDV footballers of 1932, or Carreras or other packet issue cards. Of course they were meant to be cut! Collectors could hardly keep entire packets of cigarettes. That said, an uncut example would be worth a premium but only 1 is known and it sold for $50,000 1-2 years ago. 

SOLD AS SEEN, cut as intended - as the manufacturer meant it to be. Only 5 are known, worldwide. This is without creases. Very good. SOLD AS SEEN