0- 1962 ROOKIE Eusebio by WS Verlag, Benfica spring '62 European Cup match, 1st rookie card



1962 1st rookie gum card of Eusebio by WS Verlag, showing the Benfica, spring 1962, European Cup match, sold as seen. Excellent. Note: one very slight corner knock, as seen lower left, and a very faint blue pencil mark centre of rear, should erase (buyer's choice when s/he has it).  NOTE: the supposed "1961" caricature rookie matchbook cover image of Eusebio is not 1961, no matter what its owners tell you. This is proven by the other players in the same series, who are with teams they joined in 1962 and 1963. The matchbook Eusebio caricature is a 1963 issue. This WS Verlag card is the earliest known rookie of Eusebio, mid 1962.