0_ 1974 Niki Lauda rookie from Portugal Clube do Cromo A 200 A Hora 26



DIFFERENT to the Spanish! This is the same image and a similar series but it's rarer and it's Portuguese. The packets for these had the date: "1973" on the back but the album says 1974 (and you could send off for missing stickers until June 1975) . See supporting pictures for a packet & date.

So, you get this Portuguese (let's say "1974") Niki Lauda rookie from Portugal, by Ediguia / Clube do Cromo, from the collection "A 200 A Hora", numbered #26 like the Spanish item. Note: the stickers have different letterpress. Compare this to a Spanish one to see the difference. The photos are different, in tone, also.

AMR_ along the top of the back is a shiny trail of glue remains. The sticker has been carefully removed from an album. Generally VG it has some waviness. 

Note: the price may rise in line with inflation!