0. 1878 baseball cards, pair of variations, different backs Huntley & Palmers



Huntley & Palmers "1878"-dated baseball cards, a pair of variations, they have different backs so they are different printings. I suppose, one may be a reprint from the time, a reprint from maybe one or two years after the first card sold out. The cards have different tones as well as the backs being reversed.. The lighter-toned card has a spot of AMR - see photo of the rear - and some edges; while the larger, better card is the best I have seen.  Original French issues. SOLD AS SEEN THE PAIR  see the 3 combination photos I have added, 1 fronts and 2 backs photos. One of the two backs photos shows the lettering is close to the edge on both cards. 1880's cutters were not die-cutters like today, they were hand operated so different batches of cards could be cut slightly differently by different people on different days. Sold as seen