0_ 1930 Pedro CEA card, top goal scorer for Uruguay, won 1st World Cup & 1924 & 1928 gold Olympics !



STAR ITEM! Cea scored in the final of the 1930 World Cup, which his crucial goal helped to win! An Immensely rare card from 1930, printed just before the 1st World Cup, this is Pedro CEA, a card of the highest goal scorer for Uruguay in WC30! He was the winning side's highest-tally goalscorer. He also won, with Uruguay, the 1924 and the 1928 Olympic Games soccer tournament (i.e. World Cups before the World Cup was inaugurated, in 1930) A legend of legends, triple gold, top goalscorer...on an original card from Montevideo, made in readiness for the 1st WC. sold as seen