1885 -86 LEGENDARY SUGG Bros Derby & England Frank Walter Baines card OFFERS £2,500+- / SOLD



Original 1885 - 86 card of one of the all time greats, Walter Sugg. 


See the supporting photo of the 1885 newspaper report on the Sugg brothers - what stars they were! And they were still young in 1885-1886, only 23-25 years of age, their glory years lay ahead, for Frank with England, for Walter with Derbyshire.

Read what WG Grace said about Walter and Frank Sugg - see the 2nd photo.

Please, no offers below £2,500

A decade before G.O. Smith, 10 years before Bloomer and Meredith came to fame, this card was predates them all.

Showing one of two great sporting brothers of the time, both Burnley FC legends in football & cricket; two of the greatest sportsmen in the land - and two of the greatest cricketers  of the times.

WG Grace, the Babe Ruth of cricket thought very highly of both brothers, citing Frank as his 2nd favourite sportsman of those times.

Frank and Walter Sugg were like a pair of Jim Thorpes (him of the NY Giants) for GB sport in the 1880's.

They played many sports to the very top level, Frank captained ENGLAND at cricket and the brothers played for 5 or 6 different top-flight English league soccer teams, as well as being champion billiards players, swimmers, weight lifters, golfers and shot putters!

Frank Sugg played for Derby County in 1885. This card dates to 1885-86, it's a typical  Baines card for that period and it shows Walter who moved from Burnley to Derbyshire as Frank went to Lancashire (& to Burnley)..

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