1890s USA St Edwards Austin TX early Gridiron Football card by Baines, Hilltoppers Crusaders



1890's-1900 USA "Edwardians" (St Edwards University, Austin Texas) an early American Football card made to commemorate a touring side from USA which came over to the UK/GB to demonstrate Gridiron. This card likely refers to a team from St. Edwards College (St Edward's University) in Austin Texas, better known as the Hilltoppers these days, and once as the Crusaders. The university was formed in 1877 and had football and baseball teams after 1885. The seller does not know for sure but is certain that this card represents a St. Edward's team's foray into GB in the 1890's. It was typical for British press and manufacturers in GB to add "ians" to the end of school and college names, like the famous sports team Old Etonians from Eton college; Harovians for Harrow college, etc.