1910 GOLDEN BOOT Bertram Clewly Freeman EVERTON Arsenal BURNLEY England Baines ROOKIE CARD



Rookie card for an English Div.1 Golden Boot! The winner of 3 Golden Boots, Bertram Clewly Freeman, won the top-goalscorer award in the then top league, the EFL 1st Division in 1909 and he twice more took the award, in the 2nd Div, in 1912 & 1913! This card is 1909/1910, a very rare Baines Ltd. card of this prolific goalscorer for EVERTON (63 goals in 86 matches!), Arsenal (21 in 44 games), BURNLEY (103 goals in 166 matches), Wigan Borough, Aston VILLA and ENGLAND (3 goals under 5 caps!). Light handling, faint indents, no creases per se, generally the card has a very good+ feel to it. SOLD AS SEEN - so why is this card 1910 not 1911 ? It existed in 1909 without the LTD. That's why. The family split after 1909 and this wing of the firm became "J.Baines LTD", and the cards they had published in 1909 had to be reissued with the new name, with LTD: