1910 Newcastle United GREAT Colin Veitch Baines LTD - variety - x6 FA Cup finalist ENGLAND great



The composer, conductor and playwright footballer, Colin Veitch, an international for England and 6-times F.A. Cup finalist, winner once. This card is from 1910. Newcastle United. Note this is the Baines LTD variety - this is the 'other' Baines Veitch card (note the earlier one from 1909 without LTD elsewhere on this website). After John Baines' death, by 1910, the 2 heirs to the Baines legacy had split the family business and the heir remaining at the North Parade address had to take a registered company (a company limited by shares) to trade as J.Baines Ltd. The "J.Baines Ltd." name was not used by the other wing of the family, which continued to make cards using simply "J.Baines". This card of Veitch is fascinating because of the two versions of the same, to be found, with and without LTD.  Note the card is generally very good but there is some handling evident such as indents, here & there, though nothing major by way of faults. SOLD AS SEEN a legend in the early game, wel worth reading up on!