1918 THE 1st EVER! Dick Kerr's Ladies rookie women's football team Baines football trade card



Only 1 ever seen! From 1918-1919 Dick Kerr's Ladies, the very first football card ever made of the first women's football team, by Baines of Bradford. The card is dated thus due to the address on the back. It shows the non-Ltd arm of the former family (Baines) firm, still being based in Bradford. That makes this a 1918 card.
NOTE: This card pre-dates both the 1922 Pattreiouex card (Casket cigarettes) and the 1924 Barratt & Co. sweet cigarettes card of Dick Kerr's ladies, so it is the earliest known soccer card ever made for the world's first women's soccer team, dating most likely to early 1918, after Kerr's ladies' spectacular Xmas Day 1917 match at Deepdale, Preston.