1921 William Bill Tilden ROOKIE CARD 305 Bunsen Confectionery exceedingly rare tennis card, type2



1921 William Bill Tilden  VERY GOOD condition ROOKIE CARD #305 Bunsen Confectionery exceedingly rare tennis card, and the best of the two I own, the only 2 known in the world! "Type 2" is an on-site reference, only, and this is the immensely rare plain-back earlier tye,before Bunsen started adding their brand to the cards!

SOLD AS SEEN, better than the other example, with the letterpress back,  this is around VERY GOOD condition.

From 1921, this William Bill Tilden ROOKIE CARD has the number #305 and was made by Bunsen Confectionery, London - no doubt to honour Tilden's Wimbledon story in 1921.

The card relates to summer 1921. Bunsen was an on-going series and the cards were issued over two years. The firm made over 600 numbered cards. The #300's were apparently issued in late 1921. Later numbers came in 1922.

Even Bunsen's general interest cards, which have little or no interest to collectors of today, are rare but when it comes to this all-time-great, HOF legend of men's tennis, Bunsen values go stratospheric - for tennis lovers and card collectors alike. SOLD AS SEEN very good