1922 Sports Fun Jack Dempsey early!



Jack Dempsey. This is one of the earliest of the 1922 British Dempsey "rookies" (though 1920 was his actual rookie year, for cards - see my Boys Cinema February 1920 issue for sale here) and it's certainly the rarest of the 1922 issues. This "Sports Fun" issue of partially serrated sticker stamps was issued from February 1922, and continued throughout mid-1922, The larger items, including this Dempsey, were issued in sheets of 3 and 6. Smaller items in the same series were issued in sheets of 12. 
NOTE: perforations are printed on the sides that were not were not actually perforated. Some have one side, others, like the George Carpentier, have two sides that are actually perforated. This has 4 printed sides and one actually perforated side, as issued. The printed sides were cut by the owner. These can be found with wider cuts, and with narrower. This example is, thankfully, cut with good borders. Extremely rare in this condition.