1924 Barratt Boyle Burnley Barnsley



This is one of the cards that makes no sense IF you accept the older reckoning & dates for this series. I do not.
I propose that 1924-1927 are the actual dates for this issue, 4 years' worth of different releases.

Erstwhile Barnsley player Tommy Boyle's last game for Burnley (1st team) was in 1922. His last for Burnley reserves was 1923. In 1923 he moved club and played a handful of games for Wrexham. He'd retired by 1924. Barratt issued this card in ONLY their first season of making these cards. There is only 1 type known, with no variations. This is it. It was probably issued in 1924, one of the first of these cards to be made. 

Smaller, tighter lettering, no full stop, comma after player's name, Sherbet Novelties back.