1925 Barratt & Co Dick Kerr's Ladies - THE ONLY KNOWN GLOSSY VERSION in WORLD!



Dick Kerr's Ladies on a children's sweet cigarettes (candy sticks) card by Barratt & Co., of Wood Green, London. 1925 issue, first series of the three so-called "footballers, cricketers and teams" generic issue (1925-1927)

This may well be THE single rarest card from the entire three seasons of issues, and this example is surely the crème-de-la-crème ONE because it's not the slightly easier matt-finish edition, it's a gloss variation. As far as is known, one of each regular card was trialled with gloss fronts, and these proofs are much like the various editions of team folders and Famous Footballer cards Barratt issued in the 1930s. So, you get the only-1-known, the only gloss finish Dick Kerr Ladies card by Barratt.

By 1926 the club was called Preston ladies, dating this to the 1925 issue.
An incredibly rare card! The only 1 seen in 30 years in this field. This seller has seen 2 of the matt cards in these years. This is the only gloss finish card seen by him or other experienced sellers he knows

The back is the type advertising "sherbet novelties". Unusual cut seems to be from a one-time uncut sheet, cut to singles, as many of the glossy proof cards have irregular trims.