1928 EARLY 1st DEA Meazza Inter Ambrosiana Gettone Sport low-$ due to flaw READ WHY THIS IS 1928!



How do I know this is 1928? It's dated to 1928 because Giuseppe Grigoli is in the same series, see supporting pix below, and Grigoli was with Inter-Ambrosiana NO LATER then 1928! He played with Abbiategrasso in 1929! 

You get a 1928 Meazza (dated 1928 due to Giuseppe Grigoli for Inter-Ambrosiana). This is the earliest - the first - DEA "Gettone Sport" series, so it's the very first Dea of Giuseppe Meazza metal card!

Were it without the flaws, being a 1928 issue, slabbed this could cost more than £10,000 but this is a bargain.

So, this is a very rare chance to own a 1928 Meazza, affordable too.

This 1st-series Meazza shows the 1928-29-season kit (before the chequered collars were introduced for the 1929-30 season). Compare this with other, later-issue Meazza metal circular cards by the same maker. Those later issues, with later kits,show this as the earliest DEA Meazza, the first DEA Meazza made! SOLD AS SEEN with age wear and handling. 

Remember, without that little flaw this would cost x10 more. 

There is only one of these known. This one!