1929 -30 Caracciola rookie card from Italy, low price due to condition



In an early car, possibly from the end of the 1920 's but maybe it's very early 1930's but it is a Caracciola quasi rookie card from Italy. Note this early image was used on the classic 1930s full colour card but this is certainly a much earlier card! it's sold as seen with 100 years of handling. It's hard to be precise dating it but the card has a typical 1929 design, like so many soccer cards with a similar look which have been dated to that year by player+team combination, so it could have been issued after his Monaco Grand Prix appearance in 1928. So, the same image IS also used on a much later, much prettier mid-1930's colourful card, seen elsewhere on this website, but that's clearly a later card using an earlier image whereas this IS an earlier card, typical of various Italian cards of sportsmen from 1928 and 1929. SOLD AS SEEN low price for a Caracciola rookie card - condition