1929 -30 Meazza '29 Inter strip Grasso card used in '32. See all photos ($31,000 auction) RESERVED!



RESERVED: Deposit and sale arranged. Reserved for buyer SOLD

This is an exceedingly rare, beautiful card made from an image taken during the 1929 season of Giuseppe Meazza, of Inter. Typically thought to be made in 1930 it may well have appeared in 1929 due to the strip seen (it's the 1929 Inter-Ambrosiana jersey with the round badge. This particular card was validated in September 1932 but it was made 2-3 years earlier,1929-30 season. How so? These cards were often stored in machines for years before their final use. Italian weighing machine cards like this were loaded in their 100s into public weighing scales. People came along to such machines, which were typically located in pharmacies, put some money into the machine, weighed themselves, and one by one, one for each customer, the cards popped out bearing a weight & a date. So, this was issued with a printed weight and date the moment after a paying customer stood on the scales. In the 1930's weighing was done on doctor's orders not as a fashionable, even obsessive, habit at home, as today. QUALITY! Thick deluxe card. There is a slight corner knock but generally the card is VG and it's one of the most beautiful Meazza rarities out there! Remember, a Meazza card slabbed, even poor grade 1, made $31,000 in auction in USA  - see the 4th picture. SOLD AS SEEN