1929 Original Boys Mag comic AND 2 cards as seen on the cover Jackson Huddersfield & James Arsenal



1929 Original Boys Mag comic AND 2 cards, the very same 2 cards seen advertised on the front cover, and given freely with this issue, as gifts from the publisher almost 100 years ago: Alec Jackson of Huddersfield Town and Alec James  of Arsenal, also seen on the cover, and featured inside, as 'next week's card'. So you get the legendary ALEC JAMES of Arsenal card, very good condition, and the Alec Jackson creased card.. NOTE: the Jackson card is creased but it's a quite easy and inexpensive to obtain, so the buyer should eb able to pick up a better example quite easily. The comic is the rare part of this trio;: comic and 2 cards. SOLD AS SEEN