1931 Rudolf Caracciola ROOKIE CARD F1 Grand Prix LEGEND 3 World Championships, 1000 Miles Racer



This series dates to 1931. Amidst the footballers in the series, which help to date it, there were a few motor racing legends including this very early card of 3xWorld Champ F1 driver Rudolf Caracciola. It is believed to be one of his 2 TRUE ROOKIE CARDS and he was included due to his victory in the Italian 1000-mile race, that year. This is, therefore, one of the two very first cards of the Grand Prix legend, who would go on to win 3 F1 World Championships. See also the similar, "Coppa 1000 Miglia" winner card, on this website. It shows this picture if taken at the 1931 1000-Miles Race. It states "winner 1000 miles" SOLD AS SEEN with z100 years of handling.