1932 -33 STAR ITEM by Red-Star comic an UNCUT complete sheet with THE Stan Matthews rookie



Yes, it's from 1932-1933. It shows players from the 1932-33 season and not later. This UNCUT complete sheet (note: there is some separation,  half way down, where it was folded for almost 90 years, but it's still connected) of soccer heroes from 1932-1933 includes THE Stan Matthews rookie! Thanks to James Cotton's excellent work in dating it this sheet has been 100% provably dated to the 1932-33 season. See below, for more. That's a year earlier than my own commentary had conservatively dated it, in my 2019 book. So, this sheet is now dated to the 1932-1933 season. It was probably issued by Red-Star comic (due to the red-star motif seen on one stamp). The sheet is one of the golden eggs of soccer cards collecting due to having the Stanley Matthews rookie of rookies. Matthews had made his Stoke City (red & white striped kit) debut in March 1932 and was a Stoke regular during the second half of 1932-33. We known the sheet is from the 1932-1933 season (possibly from summer 1933 or, at the latest, early autumn 1933) because Harry Bedford is seen wearing a Bradford Park Avenue shirt. Bedford only played for BPA during 1932-33; and Ronnie Dix is in a Blackburn Rovers shirt. He played for Rovers during one season only: 1932-33. These indisputable facts date this sheet to 1932-1933. 

So, this is THE rookie of Stanley Matthews - by quite some way. The more frequently seen 1934 cards of Stanley Matthews are, mostly, from an entire two seasons later! This 1932-1933 gem will be a "STAR ITEM" in any Stanley Matthews collection. It's heading for enormous value. NOTE: a single, separated stamp of Matthews has been recorded selling for just under £1000. There are no more singles available and no one is going to break up a sheet. SERIOUS OFFERS will be considered but the price for this will surely go up the moment it sells so don't be offended if offers are rejected.