1932 -33 transfer stamp Stanley Matthews rookie



£999.00 may seem a lot for what appears to be a football stamp but these rarities remained unrecorded by collectors for many years and there are but a handful known in circulation. Miss this and there will not be another. I only have this 1! It comes from a sheet of decals known as red-star or 8-star transfers due to the design that appeared on the complete sheet. The actual issuer remains unknown but it may be Red Star comic, a publication of the time. This decal of Stanley Matthews is his ABSOLUTE rookie issue! It pre-dates by 1-2 years the Barratt team folder of 1934, and by 2-3 years the better known cards of Matthews from 1934 and 1935. 

Here's more about this series, by James Cotton of Vintagefootballers.com (thank you James)

Stanley Matthews made his Stoke City debut in March 1932 and was a regular in the Stoke team during the second half of 1932-33. 
On the sheet, alongside Stan Matthews, is Harry Bedford in a Bradford Park Avenue shirt, where he only spent one season - 1932-33. Also, there is Ronnie Dix, in a Blackburn Rovers shirt, where he only spent one season - 1932-33. These date the sheets and these decal stamps to 1932-33. The entire sheet is impossible to get. This seller has 1 and may put it up for sale in the future, when prices justify letting go of such an arcane, rare relic of soccer antiquity.