1933 Caracciola later card of early image, Principe Cine Sport F1 World Champs 1000 Miles rare card



From 1933 (dated by other cards, by the soccer stars & their teams, in the same series) this is an early image of Rudi Caracciola used a later on in his career, by "Principe Cine Sport chocolates". Caracciola was the F1 (1930s equivalent) World Championship annual best driver's trophy THREE TIMES! He is seen here, in an earlier image, taken at the 1931 1000 Miles race, which he won. The earliest card for Caracciola is the sepia card with the black "handwriting-style" matrix, which is actually from1931 (again dated by soccer stars in the same series, e.g. Meazza winning his golden boot award in 1930-31 kit). This is a super-rare card and though not as early as the other Caracciola cards it's well worth having! SOLD AS SEEN with 100 years of handling SOLD AS SEEN