1934 Tris Speaker baseball Hill Sports tobacco card EXCELLENT++ to NM 1 tiny indent



This card is whiter and cleaner than a greyer example seen on eBay graded an 8!  My 1934 Tris Speaker baseball ungraded Hill Sports tobacco card seems cleaner than the NM 8 card on eBay. But for a very light, faint corner indent on 1 corner -NOT a crease-  more like a tiny line across the varnish very near the corner of the whit frame, and seen ONLY when tilted against an angular light, it could well be graded similarly. It's certainly brighter and nicer to look at! Also, against angular light under a glass there are some light marks to be seen on the varnish but they are not easily seen. So, this card is excellent towards near mint. It is certainly better centred than the duller example seen selling on eBay for almost 600!  See supporting picture, for that card. BARGAIN, at less than half that price.