1935 Meazza Vecchi (Vecchi=Lampo) A card & also tiny booklet Stamp size to be glued into Jumbo album



Founder of both LAMPO & VECCHI imprints, Lotario Vecchi (1888-1985) issued this stamp-sized card-with-pages in 1935! It was issued by Jumbo comic to be collected and glued into an album issued for the series. Various Vecchi publications issued these cards-with-pages so the collector had a few to collect each week. In 1953 Vecchi became known for such cards with his Lampo sports card album collection. The cards had pages. They'd be glued into the album by the back cover. The collector could look at them as 'cards' or open them to read! Brilliant idea. Too expensive in the long run so simple stickers replaced these miniature card-booklets. Moreover, many of the early Vecchi cards were miniature booklets, up until around 1954. They were in various sizes, like small cards fro Pinnace to gum-card size, and were meant to be glued into albums by their back covers, so as to be readable! Vecchi is better known for his Brazil outings with Pele in 1962 and for all the Lampo editions but this was one of the very first, a stamp-sized tiny booklet designed AS A CARD to be collected and glued down. This is issue #129 and features Meazza, the double-World Cup winner. A veritable Pinnace card-size miniature booklet. One famous player was issued each week with a1 of 4 Vecchi comics