1939 Ben Barek & Raoul Diagne France commemorative card for Poland match Olympique de Marseille



1939 ! Ben Barek & Raoul Diagne ! France commemorative card issued for a match versus Poland in January 1939. Ben barek had only signed for Olympique de Marseille 6 months earlier and , in those days, it took a few months to get a new face on to a card so this may be his earliest, or second earliest of they made a similar card for the Italy match he played in , in November 1938. PENCIL and PEN to rear - pencil should erase with a rubber eraser; faults include corners etc but this is a great card with both Diagne and Ben Barek. Exceedingly rare! Only issued for the match, so a limited edition, on sale for a limited time frame only no wonder these are so rare. Sold as seen